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10 Top Tips To keep Your Heating System In Shape

10 Top Heating Tips

1 Bleed all radiators

2 Run heating & hot water separately & make sure they work independently.

3  Check system has water ie tank in loft full or if pressurised look for gauge on boiler or near a small red tank.

4 Any condense pipes on newer style boilers should be lagged if external to prevent freezing.

5 If boiler hasn't been serviced in last 12 months, get it booked in ASAP!!! It's the busiest time of year and your engineer should be able to point out anything that they feel could need replacing before it breaks mid winter.

6 Check trvs (thermostatic radiator valves) work. Many stick over summer months and won't reopen even if you think it is. Turn heating on and open valve fully. Rad should become hot.

7 GET A CARBON MONOXIDE ALARM. Est £20-30 for a quality make, it could save a life.

8 Make sure any pipes/tanks in exposed areas ie lofts are lagged, you can even just throw loft insulation over, could save thousands in a burst pipe/tank scenario.

9 Turn heating on and just listen! Walk around and listen for unusual noise from valves, pumps and radiators. If you do hear anything take a closer look or call an engineer.

10 Most important. Check elderly relatives & friends systems for the above. They are more vulnerable to changing temperatures and possibly unable to carry out checks above anymore.

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